Kids and Animals

By July 11, 2013 September 23rd, 2015 advertising

You know what they say “never work with kids and Animals.” Well how do you get a performance out of a fish? Simple really you just need Art Dept (Robbie Porter ), a bunch of fishing line, some C-Stands, an art director (Sarah Chernisov), a retoucher (Derek Leong ) and your all set.

This was a challenging brief set by the guys at Sapient Nitro. We needed to capture fish having the Be-jesus frightened out of them by the deals that BCF are doing on fishing gear. Recalcitrant, slippery and smelly…..? Hmm been a while since I’ve had talent this challenging . Some had to be returned to their trailer (esky) while Robbie rangled their mates into the right poses. Dek weaved his magic in post and a subtle use of type meant the whole piece came together beautifully. Thanks everybody!

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